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Passionate Advocate for Artists and the Arts.
Picture - Broadway Legacy 2.0 Photo of Krisha Marcano and credits to Brent Dundore - Photographer and Christian Dante White - Art Director

I believe that artists and entrepreneurs have more in common than society gives credit. I believe that artists are predisposed to running creative businesses starting with the business of self. 


I have been performing professionally for 23 years and counting.

Born in New York City, raised in Trinidad, WI. Trained at Caribbean School of Dance, I went on to earn a BFA from SUNY Purchase and my MBA from Kenney College.  

One of my hobbies is researching other industries for the latest developments in technology, commerce, and innovation. I recently graduated with an MBA in entrepreneurship to fill in the gaps, and now it's time to elevate our industry by training smarter, more informed and prosperous artists.


I can help you transform your career to live the life you were meant to live.    

"Your Art is Good Business!"

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The talk about town ...

"Working with Krisha Marcano is one of the most invaluable experiences of my professional career. Her vast background and knowledge of the industry coupled with her immense talent and artistry have been a great boon to both my professional and personal development. Working with her on projects like The Color Purple, and Motown: The Musical I've learned how to connect with my artistry on ever-evolving levels. She is without a doubt, one of the best."

- Brandon Victor Dixon (Actor, Singer, Producer)

Among all of the things Krisha has listed here, she hasn't *yet* listed her incredible motivational coaching that I have benefited from.
It's important for a musician to receive the wordly advice of an accomplished dancer and a different angle from an experienced actress.
With Krisha I got both and then more. She is one of a kind.

- Phillip Gillespie (Musician, Composer, Producer)

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