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Terms & conditions

Taking part in our Webinar has never been easier. Just follow the instructions below:


1) We will send you an email a few days before the event with a Zoom link. Save this link—you will need it to join the event.


2) Install Zoom on your computer. Pro tip: test out your audio and video to make sure that they are both working properly.


3) At the time of the event, simply click on the link to join.


4) You should receive a prompt to open Zoom on your computer. Click “Open Zoom” to open the program.


5) That’s it—you’re in!

What to expect

'Bring your journal for notes and short exercises'

🌟 Expect that your host will be funny as hell and the conversation will be lively.

🌟 Expect your host to drop some curse words once in a while!  She gets excited. 😳

🌟 Bring a journal for taking notes and short exercises.

🌟 Expect an interactive experience where you get to ask questions and share information that can be beneficial to the group.

🌟 Chat will be open and you are free to communicate via chat with the group.

🌟 You do not have to have your camera on.  However, that would be great for the coach 👍🏽

🌟 these sessions will be recorded but will not be distributed due to the personal nature of the sharing and discussions.  

It is vital we all engage in Privacy and safety for all! 

These webinars are concentrated sessions based on a detailed set of courses coming soon!

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