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What do I need to Survive? What do I need to Thrive? What do I need to WIN!?

Survival Baseline = Personal + Business expenses.

The bare minimum amount you need to survive every month living as a performing artist.

In my last article, I mentioned using or These are great resources to find all the information needed to calculate your survival baseline. Now that you've set up your FREE account, go back and look at your numbers for the past 12 months and add up what you spent every month on:



Add the total of your Personal + Business to find your survival baseline dollar amount you spend every month.

NOTE: Only you know your life and what you need to spend money on. 
Only you know what your bare minimum is, what is essential ... and what is not!


Thriving Baseline = Survival baseline + Extra cushion

Something always comes up, life always happens. You may need to go to the doctor, something breaks and needs repair, an important birthday that you want to attend with a meaningful gift, or a new Broadway show that you should not miss! Etc ...

  • Survival Baseline x 25% = Extra/Cushion

  • Extra/Cushion + Survival Baseline = Thriving Baseline

NOTE: I was advised to add 25% (.25) to my expenses based on my circumstances. 
You should adjust this % as you see fit based on your life.


Winning Baseline = Thriving Baseline + Long term plan

Personal Savings = 10% of your salary and at least 3 months of survival expenses in the bank = $_____ 👈🏼 (fill this in)

Business Savings = What you need to put aside every month in order to produce an upcoming project, attend a great training program, or seed money for your startup company = $_____ 👈🏼

Long-Term investment = The suggested contribution to a Roth IRA, a traditional IRA, a 401K for retirement, and that is anywhere from 1% of your salary and up! This number depends on how much money you think you need to retire, how old you are and how much money you make = $_____ 👈🏼

Additional life insurance to add assurances to your life, your legacy and your business. Some life insurance policies can be used as a fantastic saving plan for a large purchase in the future, like a home! = $_____ 👈🏼


When you get to the Thriving and Winning baselines it is time to get some professional advise that understands your lifestyle and your income patterns. Please check out The Institiute of Financial Wellness for the Arts.

Where are you in this roadmap? Surviving? Thriving? Winning?

Share your thoughts and some of your resources so we can all benefit.


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