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Credit Score Recovery

#CreditWellness #TheArtistryPress #YourArtisGoodBusiness In 2007 my credit score was in the low to mid 700's. After my decline (see my last blog entry for that story) ended in filing Bankruptcy, my score dropped to the mid 500's. Today my score is almost where it started and that took work and education. The one thing I know is that it is possible and time goes by quickly, so don't feel overwhelmed, feel the possibility of all things.

'Tis the season to take a real good look at our financial situation with The next piece of the puzzle is getting your credit report and credit scores (all 3 scores & all 3 reports).

  • My favorite tool is, because it was created by Suze Orman and I love her! This is not a free service.

  • is free and just as good. They seem to be offering the same resources at seemingly no price. I say try it risk free!

These tools should provide the following:

  1. Credit Scores and Credit Reports

  2. Personalized Savings tools based on your score

  3. Valuable credit and finance information

  4. Calculators and resources for finding the best rates

  5. Credit monitoring and Identity Theft Monitoring

Take this opportunity to learn about credit, how it works, the pros and cons, and how you can use it to your advantage. Right now go to one of these sites and get your credit reports and scores, so you can make educated decisions about how 2017 will get you closer to your goals and dreams. One day soon you will be one of those people that seem to have it all together! The fact is no one has it 100% together, but it's kinda nice to feel like you know more, you are in a better place and a way less stressed.

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Money Mastery at If you have any other resources to share, comment on this post so we can all benefit. 2017 is your new beginning!

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