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What do you want out of your artist life?

Back in the day I was lectured on having a career safety net, another career that pays the bills ... after all I could always dance on the side.

Dance was never a hobby!

What other profession, (and yes it is a profession), allows society to make you feel like you will fail before you try?

A common practice before you start a career in the performing arts, is to be told you will fail either financially or professionally because of the industry climate, with no solutions or assistance to this outlook on life ahead.

Fantastic! Thanks!

I do believe that the conversation about what 'SUCCESS' is in the performing arts, needs to be RE-WRITTEN. If you know you have a calling and you want to pursue it, then do that. We, the artistic community, need to expand what is acceptable & worthy. By keeping the definitions of 'Success' so specific, we don't allow others wanting a different path, an expanded path, permission and validation. 'Different' can be a catalyst to innovation, progress, and change.

(I know that was a broad stroke, but stay with me for a sec.)

Permission! We should have permission to add other skills, desires, and professions to our artistic journey, without feeling like we sold out!!!! ‘Side-preneurship’ may be for you.

‘Side-preneurship’ was coined a few years ago and I love it! It gives you permission to focus on being a performing artist while soliciting support and stability, especially in the lean months with a side profession, business or service … hell a side-hustle! It really is all about freedom and security on your terms.

The trick is finding a side-hustle, keeping your vision (dream) and maintaining a healthy balance at the same time. This is the foundation of a successful life. If you can maintain a thriving on-the-side business while auditioning or rehearsing, traveling and/or performing … you are winning my friend.

Start by getting a wonderful journal or create a new folder on your computer for notes, ideas and information.


Who are you?

Start by answering these questions:

• What are the things that your family and friends rely on you to do for free, because you do it so well?

• What artistic or creative things do you love to do outside of your career?

• What is your daily 'Practice'?

• What are the things you already have certifications or degrees for?

• What jobs have you already had outside of the industry?

• What did you like and dislike about each one?

• What are the hrs in the day and days of the week, that will not conflict with sleep, work, study or pleasure?

• What will a bit of freedom do for your overall happiness and creativity?

• Are you ready to make a commitment to yourself to do whatever it takes to give yourself that freedom?

Identifying the Hustle

Make a skills report:

• List the skills you use in your profession.

• List the skills you use outside of your profession.

• What skills mentioned above do you need further education in to truly master?

• What skills mentioned above you need no more education or instruction to achieve?

• What do you care about and how can you be of service?

• After reading your lists, what projects can you see yourself doing on the side THAT COULD MAKE YOU HAPPY? Make a list.

NOW: Schedule a one-on-one session with me in person or on-line, let’s make a straight line with your circle of information!

ASSIGNMENT: Start journaling about everything you've written thus far, how it makes you feel and everything that comes to the surface in the next few days until our appointment.

- What bright ideas made it’s way to the top of the list?

- What is certainly not even an option?

I promise this will be revealing!

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