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Remember who you are!!!

As we come to the end of this year, I am looking forward to helping my students and clients create a master plan for their lives and careers. Before we get there, I wanted to give a little shout out to artists, a reminder that we are amazing and we are worthy of everything we envision for our lives and careers.

Remember who you are!

Life can sometimes seem restricting to a creative like you. The paradigm we live in has such a hard time understanding who we are, how we learn, what we do, and how we want to live. I personally find it challenging to live in a world that questions everything I know to be authentically me. However, I am forever grateful for the opportunity to do it anyway, but the constant questioning, lack of understanding and trust in artists and our way, is exhausting!!!!

If this rings any bells, then you are my tribe, and I am yours.

Remember who you are!

In the last 12 years (since the market crashed in ‘08), I’ve noticed that entrepreneurs have claimed the title of ‘artists and creatives’. Well, guess what? They are creatives and they are artists, and artists are creatives and entrepreneurs. The problem is, entrepreneurs now know who they are and how they learn and where they fit, but some artists are still in the dark with these fundamental concepts.

Wake-up! No one can pull off a presentation of a new project with no resources like artists, and they do it everyday. No one else can look at a situation, understand the lack of options, resources and support, and still make it happen! Conventional advise would say to the average person 'stay away from this venture or project … it’s impossible.' Artists can make the impossible possible! That is why we are master entrepreneurs, all we need is access and education.

Remember who you are!

Artists are creative, entrepreneurial, adaptable, divinely connected, inspired human vessels, leaders, and relentless.

If this is only a taste of who and what we are, then why are we so lost for purpose, direction and courage? Why have we not created a system that works for us? Well, I don’t know but I invite you to sit down at the artistry table and redefine what success, purpose and vision mean to us!

Let’s remember who we are, what we need and let’s go get it! Learn More

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