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Created in 1993 to further FCA's mission to encourage, sponsor, and promote the work of a contemporary, experimental nature, Emergency Grants provide urgent funding for visual and performing artists who: Have sudden, unanticipated opportunities to present their work to the public when there is insufficient time to seek other sources of funding or incur unexpected or unbudgeted expenses for projects close to completion with committed exhibition or performance dates.

WHO: U.S. artists

FIELD: Visual and performing arts

AMOUNT: Grants range in amount from $500 to $2,500, and the average grant is now $1,600


FINE PRINT: Each month FCA receives an average of 95 Emergency Grant applications and makes approximately 12-15 grants. Artists should review all eligibility guidelines and FAQs before applying. Learn more here

The Mayer Foundation offers economic relief grants to needy individuals who are distressed or suffering as a result of poverty, low income or lack of financial resources.

WHO: Artists in the New York City area

AMOUNT: Grant sizes vary but generally range around $2,000 per grant


FINE PRINT: An application form is not required. Proposals should be made in letter form and should include the following information, if applicable: Description of the assistance requested, goals and objectives (measurable if possible); Adequate evidence of individual’s need (e.g., financial statements); Plans to accomplish goals and objectives; Timetable for implementation of goals and objectives; etc. Learn more here.

The Tsung-Yeh Artist Village in Tainan City is the result of the fusion of an old sugar refinery with multicultural ideas to form a unique space. With years of effort, Tsung-Yeh Artist Village has established itself as a center for arts, crafts, and culture while producing valuable creative works in Tainan. Through providing the working space and encouraging resident artists to communicate with the locals, the residency hopes to promote this historical site not simply as a place for exhibitions, but rather an important gathering site for international arts and artists.

WHO: Interdisciplinary, Visual art, Performance and Photography

DATES: February to May 2022

LOCATION: Tainan City, Taiwan

AMOUNT: Hourly payment for teaching and free living quarters

DEADLINE: September 2021

FINE PRINT: The Tsung-Yeh Artist Village provides accommodation, studio, basic equipment and exhibition space to satisfy artist needs. During the Artists in Residence Program, artists interact with the local cultural environment, including presentations on folk beliefs, traditional arts, history and industrial development. Resident artists should organize some reciprocal cultural events and activities for interacting with the local community. Learn more here.

Willowtail Residency 👈🏼

Willowtail offers one-week to three-week residencies during the entire year for scholarship-funded, partially-scholarship-funded, and fully self-funded residencies for practitioners in The Arts and Ecology. Each resident is required to deliver a community offering within one calendar year of their residency. Whether this takes the form of a lecture, presentation, demonstration, teaching, a slideshow of work, exhibition in the local community, is up to the resident and director.

WHO: Emerging, established or mid-career practitioner in the visual arts, performing arts, film/multi-media, literature, music, ecology or natural sciences

DATES: Rolling


AMOUNT: $3,000 per week for fully-funded residencies, $1,500 for partially funded


FINE PRINT: Residency includes one fully furnished cabin with kitchen facilities and standard amenities, such as breakfast items, full use of the property, canoes, spa products, hot tub, and fresh-cut flowers in your cabin. The residency includes 24-hour access to the Working Studio. Seven (7) night minimum stay. Single person occupancy. Learn more here.

Dallas Artist Relief Fund 👈🏼

Creating Our Future is a group of artists and arts advocates in Dallas, TX who are raising money to support other artists and freelancers like us who are taking financial hits as a result of closures and lost income from COVID-19. Whether it's from canceled gigs, lost jobs, or a lack of business due to coronavirus scares, we hope to orchestrate an egalitarian approach to crowdsourcing.

WHO: Low-income, BIPOC, trans/GNC/NB/Queer artists and freelancers in Dallas

AMOUNT: To be determined


FINE PRINT: Those that qualify for funding will be awarded money within a few days of their application depending on the state of our funds. Apply here.

This relief fund provides rapid response grants supporting critical needs of artists in Washington state whose livelihoods have been impacted by COVID-19.

WHO: Washington State artists

AMOUNT: $500 to $5,000 based on artists’ needs


FINE PRINT: These unrestricted cash grants are intended to support working artists with: Lost wages and earnings; Loss from event, performance, and conference cancellations and school / community-based education closures; Medical expenses; Rent and mortgage payments, food, utilities, and other living expenses. Learn more here.

Max’s Emergency Relief & Resource Fund is a one-time grant to assist self-employed artists who have a steady work history, but who are experiencing a temporary financial setback and can demonstrate a financial need for medical aid, legal aid, or housing.

WHO: New York State artists

AMOUNT: $500 to $1000


FINE PRINT: Income verification and financial information is required. Application and support materials must be sent by mail. Learn more and download the application here.

More to come soon!


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