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Sag-Aftra's Fact sheet on New Influencers Contract

SAG-AFTRA’s new Influencers Agreement, which the national board approved earlier this month, allows social media creators of sponsored content to join the union just like any other commercial performer, and to be eligible for pension and health benefits based on their covered earnings.

But like the union’s many other contracts, it comes with a lot of rules designed to protect the performer and the union’s jurisdiction.

According to the union’s Influencers Agreement fact sheet:

• Hazardous stunts, gratuitous nudity and sexual content are not permitted under the Influencer Agreement. • Presently, only Influencers who perform alone can sign the Influencer Agreement. • There are no provisions for ensemble use. • The Influencer must be incorporated. • The Influencer must produce their content themselves with no involvement by any third party production entity. • The Influencer must own their own intellectual property. • The Influencer must have a direct contractual relationship with the brand. • In order to protect other areas of the union’s jurisdiction, there are limits to how the Influencer content may be used. Exhibition is allowed only on the Influencer’s and advertiser’s social media feeds, YouTube channels and websites. • No use of the content, in whole or in part, is allowed in other areas of the union’s jurisdiction (e.g., no TV, traditional commercial or industrial use, etc.) • Influencer content creation cannot be combined with another covered service. • Influencers will be bound by the same membership rules as their fellow members. • The maximum period of use for Influencer content will be 1 year unless otherwise negotiated.

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